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Why Your Child Should Train

Kids are a huge component of the entirety of Hybrid, we structured this gym on the idea that young athletes will promote healthy lifestyles and confident youths going into school and into adulthood. We look at training and nutrition the same for kids as we do for adults, given that each person has their own specific needs and goals.

Kids start their training from when they learn to walk.

They’re making some of fastest ‘gains’ in their life during infant years as they learn to walk, run, jump, catch etc. When we look beyond that we turn to athletic sports such as ball games, gymnastics, dance, track and field for for more balance, coordination, speed, stamina, strength and just as importantly – health! An inactive body is an unhealthy body, it also promotes negative mental health when kept at an activity level that is less than the child’s potential.

Hybrid takes the outlook of kids training and development in the same approach – looking to advance movement patterns, hand eye coordination drills, basic strength training using body weight and plyometric style training in combination with conditioning work. Kids as young as 8 can easily start training pull-ups, press ups, lunges, jumps, core strength and stability, track work such as the prowler push, medicine ball throws, battle ropes, burpees etc. It’s during these pre-teen and teen years that kids make massive leaps and bounds in their performance and development, we see it all the time in adults who used to be very active in their youth and can now draw on that to make incredible progress in the gym due to the existing trained motor units from their youth.

Nutrition will fall under the same category, getting the essential fats, proteins and micronutrients to have for an optimally functioning body, calories and carbs adjusted depending on their activity level and goal, with an emphasis on whole foods, sufficient water intake and minimal processed foods.

Our Kids Martial arts program takes all these training protocols into mind and our teenage students begin functional training in the gym on the exercises they need until they progress appropriately for any more advanced movements.

Speak to us about getting your child involved in a professionally planned training program to help them develop as an athlete and person. Our kids’ kickboxing classes are suitable for kids of all ages, ranging from 5 to 17 years old. Hybrid also proudly announces our first ever Kids Kickboxing Summer Camp, carried out every Monday to Friday from 3rd July to 2nd August. For further details and registration, contact us now! Email info@hybridmmafit.com, calling us on 3468 7702 or WhatsApp on +852 5240 9918.
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