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Why Your Child Should Learn Martial Arts

The Fear Factor


I have 3 sons with very different personalities and passions. I fully understand how crucial it is to listen to address your child’s individual needs when it comes to extracurricular activities, and sports. Doing the homework and selecting which activity to invest in to help set your child up for a successful adulthood is no easy task!

My youngest son started in Judo at the tender age of 4 years old.  Seeing my son being physical with other (bigger) kids, and being thrown around on the mats was not easy at first. There were plenty of moments when I’d watch his class, and jump out of my seat wanting to make sure he was okay! The loud pounding during each class, and how exhausted he would be on training days was new for me. However, it was a pivotal learning point for me as a parent:


I realised that my child is learning to be resilient, disciplined, and strong. 


Over the next 6 years I would watch my son grow into someone who developed. deep love for all martial arts – more specifically Kickboxing. With these two disciplines being worked on every week, the changes in his training has been nothing but beneficial as he becomes an adult.



My son’s self confidence continues to grow, while he develops a sense of respect for those around him


This is not only due to his passion for fighting. We all know that having the right teacher for your child at school is key – in the same vein, having the right coach for your child to learn from and look up to is absolutely crucial. Kids need to feel safe, and also know that they will be heard. They need coaches who teach them not only about technique, but also about having the right attitude when it comes to your peers, and respecting your body when it comes to recovery, preparation, and nutrition.



The best way to learn discipline and respect


In martial arts, it is common to see people bow before stepping onto the mat. Why? It is a sign of respect, and as a reminder to be present for the session. My child is learning this sense of mindfulness, along with;

  • Sitting and listening intently to instructions
  • Following through and completing drills
  • Taking on constructive criticism to improve his skills
  • Having the mindset to continue training despite fatigue.
  • Kindness, and being conscious of his peers
  • Making friends

Is it dangerous? About as dangerous as having your child play any other sport. It teaches your child not to be afraid, to have the confidence to tackle anything that life hurls at them, and how to forge fast friendships with those around them through fitness.


“Okay kids, have a great day! But remember to eat healthy food and vegetables so you can be healthy and strong for next class” – Coach Nadir

And to top it all off, what more could a mother want than a coach reminding her child at the end of each class to eat healthy?


If you are interested in learning more about our kids martial arts programs, or would like to stop by for a free consultation, please get in touch with us at info@hybridmmafit.com 


Article by: Maria Brusuelas

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