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Hybrid Muay Thai

Why Muay Thai Is the Perfect Martial Art Training for Your Fitness?


Get your kicks, your cardio, and your fun with Muay Thai.

Hong Kong residents have many choices for exploring their fitness activities, but one of the best exercise routines and the most fun, has got to be Muay Thai.

There are many benefits to Martial Arts Training in general, but Muay Thai in particular:

1. Increased mobility

  • Muay Thai also known as “The art of eight limbs” involves throwing punches, kicks, knees and elbows all using a full range of motion in all directions. Muay Thai is great for opening up your hips due to the various range of kicks commonly used.


  • You want an exercise routine that is natural and encourages a full range of motion to increase, rather than decrease your mobility – and the longer you are engaged in it, the more mobile you should become.


2. Gain Strength and Power

  • Through Muay Thai training, you naturally develop strength and power but do so in a natural way. If you compare the bodies of elite Muay Thai athletes, their bodies are more akin to elite gymnasts; they are in symmetry. You don’t see Muay Thai athletes or gymnasts with 20-inch arms, and 27-30 inch thighs.


  • You do not need to be big to be strong and powerful. Famed martial artist Bruce Lee, by the way, had only 14.5-inch arms, yet he had incredible strength and power.


3. Improved flexibility

  • Flexibility is often overlooked in most training regimes. While being solid and rigid definitely has its benefits, it will also limit speed and power when it comes to being a fighter. Movements in Muay Thai, such as high kicks, demand the body be as flexible as possible.


  • Muay Thai helps to develop tremendous flexibility whilst also increasing a high level of strength and power through increased range of movement. As we get older one of the first things we start to lose is our flexibility, Muay Thai is a great way to maintain flexibility whilst being dynamic with it`s movement so also helps with general conditioning and fitness which most stretching programs do not do.


4. Improved Coordination

  • Martial arts such as Muay Thai is a great way to naturally build up core strength, coordination and balance. A lot of techniques include having to execute movements on one leg or to react and evade opponents movements which is a great way to improve balance and coordination whilst continuously moving which is much more akin to everyday life than simply standing on one leg.


5. Losing weight

  • An hour of Muay Thai can burn an incredible amount of calories (500-600 cals per hour) a typical session involves Pad work drills, bag drills, technique drills and sparring. Muay Thai involves constant movement; so it’s no surprise that fighters are some of the fittest athletes on earth!


  • Not only is Muay Thai great for you physically – but it is also great mental training. Muay Thai will teach you to be calm under pressure, to problem solve when you are tired, and to be mentally alert for the duration of the whole class.


  • Whilst the very nature of Muay Thai will help you to lose weight without making drastic changes to your diet, we emphasize controlling calories and eating a healthy well balanced diet with a strong emphasis on fueling your body for performance.


  • Muay Thai training is a very natural and easy way to find your ideal body weight.


6. Improved mental concentration

  • Muay Thai is a great way to get out of your own head for an hour. In today’s fast paced society where attention spans last for the time of a 60 sec video on Instagram, and the internet has created a 24/7 work culture, it is important that we set aside time for ourselves where we think of nothing but the task at hand. Muay Thai takes a great deal of concentration and is a skill that takes time to master, the more you concentrate and practice the better you will become, there is nothing like hitting the pads or a heavy bag for relieving the stresses of a hectic day.


  • Muay Thai requires a person to pay attention to instruction, and classes are never the same. Meaning that students of Muay Thai keep their attention focused on a 60-minute class.


  • This ability to keep focused is a pleasant change from having one’s mind split as people try to multitask, going from one project or another, and never really zooming in on anything.


  • Particularly if a student elects to compete in actual combat, they quickly discover that concentration and focus is a valuable skill.


7. Stress Relief

  • There is no question that the general pace of things has increased, especially in Hong Kong, where the emphasis is on students taking extra classes at nights and on weekends to excel and get into good universities. And mothers working as well taking care of children, helping shepherd students to soccer practice, buying the groceries, cooking meals and attending to the house, and father’s often working 14-hours a day to get ahead.


  • However, humans do not work like machines, and they need stress relief. A brisk session of Muay Thai, twice a week, provides a fun, satisfying form of stress relief which few activities can compare.


  • Unlike many other forms of exercise, there tends to be a great deal of comradery in the Muay Thai community where there is a high level of respect and support amongst students. Everyone, from beginners to advanced “masters” grow and learn in a culture that supports everyone and applauds everyone’s successes. And even in momentary failures, the prevailing attitude is, “that’s okay. Try again.” Success is in repetition.


  • Altogether, Muay Thai can provide one of the best forms of stress relief thanks to its high energy and high concentration levels, but most of all it’s just a fun way to train and de-stress.


8. Self Esteem

  • The way society supposes self-esteem works is that children, teenagers, and adults are charged with tasks, sometimes they succeed. Other times they fail, but everybody learns the same way. The problem with this is whist some become more and more confident others go into a shell becoming less and less confident which can then completely shut down any progress.


  • Not everyone is lucky enough to be born or grow up without any personal challenges. Things like disabilities, teen acne, school bullying, and failure to develop physically, or active growth spurts, causes many people to feel less than confident.


  • Muay Thai classes, with their group emphasis on supporting one and all, is just the opposite. Both children, teens, and adults experience surging levels of confidence as they learn to master the steps to successful Muay Thai. One thing about most martial arts is it teaches you to use your disadvantages to your advantage, this can become an essential skill not just in the ring but in life.


9. Danger alertness

  • Whilst Muay Thai training teaches you to fight, it does not encourage people to engage in picking fights with people actively. Unless in the professional arena, it’s more about the confidence and self belief where if you absolutely had to use your skills to get out of a dangerous situation, you could! Learn to fight so you do not have to.


  • Muay Thai will help you learn how to assess and be aware of dangerous situations, avoid them, and walk away.


10. The relationship between discipline and reward

  • Sadly, in today’s society, children and teens often grow up with a “give me” attitude. And do not value you a work for it attitude


  • With Muay Thai, from day one, students are taught to respect the relationship between hard work, discipline, and reward. Want to find out how disciplined you are? Get into a brief sparring match with Wendy, who is 8 inches shorter, and weighs 30 kilograms less than you, and watch her wipe the floor with you. Martial arts teaches you to be humble and to never judge a book by its cover and that hard work always pays off.


  • Discipline matters in Muay Thai – it can teach you great lessons which will carry over to all aspects of your life.


11. Beyond the first impressions mindset

  • One undeniable benefit of Muay Thai & Martial Arts is that it teaches people of all ages to expand their mindset and not buy into the obvious.


  • Again, if Wendy wipes the mat with people who outweigh her by 40 kilos, or Marco happens to be 75 years young with the skills of 90 percent of the students, it teaches people that first impressions are often wrong and that nearly anybody can have capabilities beyond what we perceive from physical appearance.


Where to Find Muay Thai training in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has top-rated Muay Thai trainers in the area and recognized leaders in the fitness industry, including Hybrid MMA and Fitness center where you can achieve all kinds of exercise goals. It is a one-stop fitness center with highly qualified and certified coaches in all types of training and exercises.

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