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Which type of cardio is best to shed fat?

There are predominantly two kinds of cardio when people are looking to lose fat and improve cardio vascular endurance: high intensity interval training (also known as HIIT), versus low intensity steady state (referred to as LISS). Both have their pros and cons, but which kind is better for fat loss?


The lowdown: HIIT vs LISS


HIIT has been gaining popularity steadily through modern times. HIIT is performing high intensity activities (such as sprints, Tabata and circuit training) for a short period of time at maximal effort with periods of rest or low intensity activity to recover in-between. The reason it is said to be extremely helpful for fat loss is the excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), more commonly referred to as the ‘after-burn effect’, in which you continue burning calories well afterwards – even hours after completing the workout!


Aptly named, LISS is what most people think of when they hear the word ‘cardio’ – performing the same movement for a long period of time maintaining a specific pace or staying within a certain heart-rate range (usually around 40-60% of the person’s max capacity). If the concept of intense exercise appears daunting, or you’re looking to getting started in working out, LISS would be a more suitable option.


Which type works best: high-intensity, fat-blasting workouts, or low-intensity exercise to melt the fat off of you?


In a 2006 research review, it showed when the subjects performed HIIT cardio for 80 minutes, they continued burning calories for the following 7 hours, amounting to 80 extra calories burned. As the average HIIT class lasts for a duration of 45 minutes, that would put their after-burn calories at about half, following the study. This means they burn around 40 calories more for the following hours post-exercise.


In comparison to LISS, which simply encourages calorie expenditure during that activity, one may appreciate the additional calories burned. However, in regards to effectiveness, further recent studies show there is no significant difference in fat loss between HIIT cardio or LISS.



Which should I choose?


When deciding what cardio you’d like to do for fat-loss, simply base it off of what you enjoy doing. HIIT cardio has the benefit of being more time-efficient, but if you are someone who doesn’t like pushing to your max in every session you can incorporate LISS cardio to achieve the same goal and results you’re looking for. In the grand scheme of things, if your goal is to improve your fitness, having something you enjoy makes the experience easier to manage.


If you’re someone with little time to spare, or you don’t fancy spending a lot of time in the gym, then HIIT is for you.


Alternatively, if you are someone who doesn’t mind spending more time in the gym, and staying at a more steady pace throughout your training, then LISS can be an effective way for you to get to your fat-loss goals.


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