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5 Benefits of Weight Training for Women over 40

Aren’t I too old to start weight training? 

The answer is NO!

Turning 40 for me was major – I had reached a place in my life where I finally FELT COMFORTABLE in my own skin. I  had put difficulties around self love behind me which allowed me to gain a new, healthy relationship around exercise and training. Weight training specifically has helped me so much in my success professionally, as well as personally. 

Age is nothing but a number when it comes to taking care of you!

Here are 5 reasons why you should be incorporating weight training into your health regime:

Weight Training

  1. Weight training improves your bone density, which is something women especially need to be aware of. This in turn helps with injury and literally adds more years to your bones. Having better bone density also helps delay and even stop Osteoporosis.
  1. Helps regulates Estrogen and Cortisol, which are benefits for early/post menopausal women, and even better it helps to improve one of the major side effects of menopause which is hot flashes.
  1. Regular training releases endorphins which boost happiness and better moods, allowing you to tackle those stressful days and sleep better at night. Super important for women who suffer from mental illness or have extremely challenging days with work and family.
  1. Improves posture along with adding muscular strength and endurance for everyday activities like holding plenty of shopping bags and running around with children to their activities. Being a mother of 3 myself, having the strength to hold a lot of bags, while walking to get a bus, train and ferry have been beneficial in many ways.
  1. Last but not least, makes you feel GREAT! Reaching milestones with your training and seeing your progress with your coach and workout partners is nothing short of wonderful.

For the wiser woman in her 40 plus years, THE TIME IS NOW. The benefits of weight training at this point in your life, will have huge positive affects on not only your physical but mental well being.

– Maria Brusuelas

Director of Operations Hybrid MMA & Fitness

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