Week 1 of Maria's Transformation Diary - Practice what you preach - Hybrid
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Practice what you preach

Week 1 of Maria’s Transformation Diary – Practice what you preach –


5 weeks to get into the best shape of my life…do I dare?

When asked whether I would like to join a team photoshoot in 5 weeks time, I thought why not?  I am always up for a challenge! I fully appreciate the value and importance of practicing what you preach, and leading by example for not only the Hybrid team, but also my family.


Over the past few years, I have been tackling some extra weight, and have needed a kick start.


Most people have some sort of ‘ideal weight’ in mind. For me, that weight on the scale is 60kgs. Being in my 40s with the related crazy hormones, a full time job, along with 3 sons and the everyday family stresses that come with that… I feel like I have my work cut out for me! However, I know I am in the best hands because my team are true professionals in their field. Their support and expertise will get me through this!


Maria’s Transformation blog



The starting point: Week 1


With the initial measurements taken, the Personal Training Team put together a tailored training and nutrition plan for me. At 41 years old, I weigh 67kgs and measured at 23% body fat.

The initial few days were not proving to be as easy as I initially thought, however. My weight simply was not budging despite my diet being on track. I sat down with the team again as we worked to nail down WHY.




Non-exercise activity thermogenesis, or “NEAT” for short, was a missing part. Despite spending most of my time on my feet, I simply wasn’t expending as much energy as I needed to though daily expenditure.

At Hybrid, we normally recommend that clients try to hit a minimum of 10,000 steps per day for good general health. After reviewing my diet and nutrition plan with the Personal Training team, we realised that I simply wasn’t walking or moving around enough. The solution? Add in some low-intensity steady-state cardio (or LISS) in the form of walking. Simple things like walking to the ferry on my way to work have made a huge difference and instantly got me back on track.


How I feel inside vs. how I look


I have been hovering around 67kgs for some time now, so realistically I don’t look like I need to lose much weight.  But this is as much about how I feel on the inside – that sluggish, tight pants feel.  I don’t want that anymore.  I set myself aside a goal to reach 60 kgs in 5 weeks and right now the scale is changing for the better. If it takes a bit longer, then so be it; slow progress is still progress.

Having the team helping me through this shows me just how good they are and how much knowledge they have. Regardless of my age, they are prepared to make changes to suit my lifestyle but also help me to reach my goals! Anything is possible.

By the end of Week 1, I am already 1kg lighter. On to Week Two.

Article by Maria Brusuelas

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