Yuko has never felt so good about her own body! - Hybrid
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Yuko has never felt so good about her own body!

My first impression of Hybrid was that it was professional, fresh and of high-quality yet so pleasant to be in. I appreciate that it is always organised & clean, the people are always welcoming and the reservation system/app is easy to use.
I’ve been much skinnier (and younger!) but never felt so good about my own body until now. But it’s been bigger than that, and a more positive effect on my life, much more than I had expected. I never thought the physical achievement through training would affect me so positively. It gives me not only physical energy but more mental strength and confidence.
My coach was great at pushing me on both physical training and diet advice to change my body according to my goals. At the same time she was very caring and knew exactly what to do to address my concerns when I would have pain. Also her passion for her clients, and also seeing herself pushing hard as a competitive body-builder, really drives me, encourages me, and inspires me a lot. Definitely a worthy investment.

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