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Our Team




Originally from the UK, Jon has lived and breathed strength and conditioning, personal training, as well as mixed martial arts for the past 25 years working with athletes, professional fighters and general population clientele.  Jon has directed and mentored hundreds of trainers in the UK, Asia and Australia, developing their skills and knowledge-base to reflect international standards of training and improved client service. Over the past five years, Jon has launched four gyms on two continents, and achieved his brown belt in Brazilian JiuJitsu.




Having spent over 20 year in the corporate world, Maria has jumped into the fitness industry, utilising her skillset to develop and grow the Hybrid community and business. Maria brings with her a history of amateur sports competitions including Bikini Fitness, White Collar Boxing and most recently Powerlifting, where she actively competes representing the Masters Women, 40 years plus. Maria is a mother of 3 and has seen first hand the benefits Martial Arts and Fitness has had on her own family and is a strong advocate of health and wellness in the wider Hong Kong community.




Originally from Brazil, Alberto “Soldier of God” Miná comes with over 30 years of martial arts experience and is a current UFC Welterweight Prospect. He is a black belt in both Judo, Brazilian JiuJitsu and his professional MMA record is 14-1 (UFC 3-1).

-Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black belt 3rd degree.

-Judo Black belt 3rd dan.

-Multiple State BJJ and Judo champion.

-Multiple Northeast Brazilian BJJ and Judo champion.

-European Grappling Champion, 2006 (Weight and Absolute division).

-4th place at Pan-American Games trials

– Wrestling- Rio 2007.

-2nd place at IBJJF European No Gi championship, London 2012.

-3x IBJJF Asian Open Champion at Black belt division.

-Cage Rage former Champion, London UK.

-Ultimate Challenge Undisputed Champion.

-Top 2 ranked Brazilian welterweight in UFC (2016)

-Sport Science degree & Physiology of Exercise pos-graduation.




Gabriel is in his third year in Hong Kong having left England after completing his Sport & Exercise Science degree at Loughborough University. Having competed at the Junior World Cup for Scotland U20, Gabriel was exposed to his first experience of Strength & Conditioning having been inspired by some of his national level coaches. With a move out to Hong Kong to play rugby semi-professionally, Gabriel dedicated himself to the study of high performance sport, working with Hong Kong Golf, Hong Kong Football and other various national teams for two years. A passion for working with teams and small groups has brought him to Hybrid where he hopes to implement a training system that enables any gym goer the tools to train as an elite level athlete with high level prescription and management. 




Josh is a long-term athlete, becoming a member of the Hong Kong Rugby Academy and then representing Hong Kong at youth and senior level in rugby- 15s and Sevens, becoming one of the original Hong Kong Sports Institute rugby 7s professional athletes. A captain of his rugby club and national team at youth level and recipient of awards in rugby for school, club and university.

Josh has since become a personal trainer, working for renowned gyms in Hong Kong and the UK, specialising in sport-specific training and transformation-based training, Josh holds a Bachelor of Science (Hons.) in Sport Management from the University of Northumbria, and Poliquin personal training certification, as well as qualifications in CrossFit level 1 and CrossFit kids training, as well as having experience in kids coaching for soccer and rugby teams, aimed at fast-tracking young athletes to advanced performance.





Martina is the 2 x Hong Kong Powerlifting Champion (2018) in two federations, has represented Hong Kong at the Asia Powerlifting Championships, and has also competed as a CrossFit athlete. This is a testament to the work ethic she knew growing up in a household where fitness and high level competitiveness was a norm. She quickly found her life’s passion in the fitness industry and has thrived ever since.

She obtained her Personal Trainer accreditation soon after moving to Hong Kong and followed up with a CrossFit Mobility certificate, CrossFit Level 2 coaching certificate, CrossFit Gymnastics certificate and Pregnancy & Postpartum Strength coaching certificate. She recently added to her ever growing skillset when she attained her Corrective Exercise Specialist certificate.

Her philosophy is, “if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you”.




Lucky is a Hong Kong-born Filipino, aspiring to be a professional MMA fighter. Lucky has had a number of amateur fights and continues to learn through training both others and himself, having worked and trained in fitness for almost a decade, focusing in body composition goals with strength and conditioning as his means to getting transformations. His knowledge in nutrition and training has led to many transformations of clients in the past and is a reputable trainer in Hong Kong.




Born and raised in Hong Kong, Paolo Esguerra began his career in fitness with a passion for all things Martial Arts. After training under Hybrid’s Head of MMA Alberto Mina for many years (formerly at Epic MMA), Paolo moved to Singapore to study, and gained a wealth of martial arts and strength training experience with various international high level coaches. Upon returning to Hong Kong in 2015, Paolo fully immersed himself in the fitness industry, first starting as an operations assistant before becoming a trainer under the guidance of Jon Bond. Paolo has an innate love and passion for competition and coaching, which can be seen clearly through his hands on approach in both Personal Training and Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu coaching. His advanced certificates in Transformation/Strength & Conditioning training under Eoin Lacey and Adam Ward of the Irish Strength Institute, paired with an ACE Certification and a philosophy to “constantly strive to learn and improve both as a coach and athlete”, sets Paolo apart and leaves him above and beyond the skill set of your average trainer.  




Originally from Singapore, Kimberly Slider made her move to Hong Kong in 2016. She has been a competitive athlete since she was 14 years old, and currently holds a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Since completing her personal training certification in 2014, Kim has completed a private mentorship on Women’s Health and Hormones with Eoin Lacey of the Irish Strength, her Functional Nutrition Certification under Wolfgang Unsold of Your Personal Strength Institute alongside various strength, hypertrophy and fat loss seminars in addition to being a qualified Pregnancy, and Post-Partum coach. As an aspiring Functional Medicine Practitioner, Kimberly adopts a consultative individual approach with her clients, and her philosophy is that “every individual is unique, and as such has their own specific needs.” Kimberly consistently strives to learn more, which truly is a testament to her work ethic and her unwavering desire to constantly grow as a coach. As an athlete, Kimberly has gained international experience competing in some of the biggest BJJ competitions world wide including the World, European and Asian Championships.




Hong Kong native Po Yeung completed his higher education in Canada, before returning home to pursue a career in personal training. Po is an avid weight-lifter who’s coaching philosophy is “Health before aesthetics, movement before strength and power, muscle symmetry before size” as well as creating a strong foundation before moving on to advanced strategies and movements. Po specialises in transformation training, mobility and strength work and has a passion for helping his clients improve their overall health inside and outside the gym. Po currently holds a IPTFA Trainer certification, and is currently working on expanding his skill set with the ISSA Trainer, Sports Therapy and Sports Nutrition certificates.




Originally from St. Helen’s in England, David Markham (also known as ‘Darkham’) sported a 10 year professional rugby career, playing for notable teams in both the UK and France. Alongside his action packed career, David has spent a vast amount of time coaching and investing in the growth of athletes including Jersey Youth and Ladies rugby, along with XV Couronnais in France. This large wealth of experience, paired with his IRB Level 3 Rugby Coach and YMCA Trainer certifications, have allowed him to seamlessly transition into both Group Fitness Training and Personal Training at Hybrid. David is still actively playing rugby in Hong Kong as well as being a BJJ student. He carries himself with the coaching philosophy that “You either win or you learn, and if you learn you’re winning anyway” and hopes to continue his already luminent career for many years to come with the Hybrid team. 




After working in the corporate world and finding herself increasingly passionate about health and fitness, Yoyo decided to follow her instincts and carve out a career in personal training. Yoyo originally joined the Hybrid team as one of our first personal training interns, absorbing as much knowledge as she could over the space of six month. After months of hard work and achieving her Poliquin Personal Trainer Certification, Yoyo joined Hybrid as a full time trainer and has since helped her clients achieve major transformations. With a specialization in training female and transformation clients, Yoyo hopes to spend the next few years aiding as many clients as possible to achieve their personal health and fitness goals.    




As a former professional figure Skater, Kasev Choi has had a background in sports and fitness for over 10 years. After a career ending injury, Kasev was forced to retire from figure skating and decided to further his studies in Australia. It was during this time that he found his passion for resistance training and weight lifting. During his university years, Kasev began learning about body composition, rehabilitation and physiotherapy in order to strengthen and rehabilitate his old injuries. In doing so, it sparked his interest in fitness and helping other people who faced the same struggles. He believes in leading by example, and practicing what you preach. Kasev holds a personal training certification from NAST CPT and specialises in body transformation and bodybuilding. 




After growing up in Sydney Australia, Corey Yau decided to return to his home in Hong Kong and pursue a career in personal training. He has been fully involved in personal training and the fitness industry since 2016, and continually strives to grow his knowledge and experience. Holding both a NASM Personal Training Certificate, alongside being a competitive Muay Thai fighter, Corey’s passion is to help people reach their fitness goals in a fun and dynamic environment.




In stark contrast to his life now, Alvin was never interested in sports and fitness in his youth. Once he hit the age of 14, Alvin discovered his calling in life; Muay Thai.  Alvin ‘Bambino’ Cooney took part in his first professional fight at the tender age of 17, and went on to fight a total of 33 professional bouts. In his professional career, Alvin has won several championships including the IPCC Championship in 2014 and the KLF HK Championship in 2017. Alongside his success as a Muay Thai fighter, Alvin also has a strong background in Boxing, and Kickboxing providing him with a well-rounded stand up fighting skill set. His extensive background is best displayed in his Muay Thai and Striking classes, as well as his Personal Training sessions. Alvin’s clear love for fighting, combined with years of fine-tuning his skill set, makes him a key component of Hybrid’s MMA department. 




A British and Spanish national, Alex was born and raised in Hong Kong. After completing secondary school, Alex decided to pursue a career in the culinary arts and spent 6 years working in the hospitality industry as both a Chef and Server. Alex was one of Hybrid’s first clients training in Martial Arts, and he fell in love with everything it encompasses. It was soon after this that he decided to hand in his job application to become part of the Hybrid team, and he hasn’t looked back since. From the age of 5, Alex has actively competed and taken part in various sports such as Football, Basketball, Athletics and Gymnastics, and as such he is no stranger to fitness and the active lifestyle. Alex helps the Front Desk Team to assist clients, whilst simultaneously working with creative media to bring the Hybrid spirit to life through video content. With a strong belief that nothing worth doing is easy, paired with his competitive nature, Alex hopes to push his limits and compete in as many combat sports as possible. 



Ethnically Filipino but born and raised in Hong Kong, Mina Barandino holds a diploma in Hospitality Management, Tourism and Aviation, with plans to do a BA in Business Management in the future. Having trained in Kyokushin Karate since the age of 6, Mina is deeply passionate about fitness and martial arts. Being a firm believer that first impressions leave a lasting impression, Mina strives to offer the best service possible for the Hybrid Community. As part of the front desk team, she can easily be found at reception should you need any assistance, or a friendly smile!