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Resistance Training for Beginners

We brush shoulders every day with people who go to the gym for various reasons: health, performance, aesthetic or simply just for the love of it. At Hybrid MMA, we have introduced a variety of group sessions that aim to provide you with resistance training (RT) programmes that are founded on current strength training principles and literature.

So why do we resistance train?

Ultimately, you are either building or breaking down muscle which precedes a number of physiological changes in your body: breakdown of fat, fluctuation of  anabolic hormones and perhaps most commonly seen, a perceptible change in overall body image due to what many people see as ‘toning’.

‘Toning’ is a myth. When we resistance train, this idea of toning is in fact the relationship between muscle protein synthesis and muscle protein breakdown. If you want to change the way you look, you must incorporate resistance training into your gym routine. With resistance training, your resting metabolic rate substantially increases. In other words, you positively shift your metabolism to a more efficient state. There are hundred of additional benefits with resistance training, with the majority far more enduring than other modalities of training.



It is important to mention that regardless of how much weight you lift or how strong you become, males and females undergo the breakdown and synthesis of muscle protein to very different extents. This is simple endocrinology. If you are a female concerned about packing on too much muscle, I can assure you that unless you are of a very small % of women, resistance training will simply allow you to  have a tighter, leaner and curvier physique.

If you can combine a periodised resistance training programme, a healthy lifestyle and a diet ensuring your energy balance is correct for you, lifting barbells and weights will very quickly become one of the most transformative and effective additions to your day to day life.

To take part in our wide range of classes, view our times on our schedule here. If it’s your first time, have the class free-of-charge!

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