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Hybrid Personal Training


“I’ve had my best gym experience at Hybrid and my personal trainer is wonderful – she would go beyond my expectations in helping me to achieve my goal and make the whole process a lot more motivating than it should have been. I would strongly recommend to anyone who wants to transform, be it physical makeover or changing lifestyle, you can make it happen there.” – Laura, Hybrid Client

Our team of personal training professionals and highly qualified trainers are here to ensure you unleash greatness and achieve your individual health and fitness goals – all you have to do is take the first step! At our state-of-the-art gym located in Central, Hong Kong, we strive to create a fun, friendly and supportive gym environment where you can truly thrive. We take our personal fitness training service further because we believe success doesn’t exist in just the short term – it’s about helping you to change your lifestyle for long term health and wellness.



“I’ve been to a lot of different gyms all over the world, and Hybrid definitely stands out as a special one. The community there and professionalism displayed by all the trainers and staff is top notch. Saw some great results with my PT, Lucky, and would highly recommend both Lucky and the gym to anyone looking to make serious changes and improve their health and fitness!” – John, Hybrid Client



With Hybrid’s systematic, science-based approach to personal fitness training, we create a fully customised plan to help you achieve your unique goals in the fastest way possible. We specialise in fat loss, muscle building, strength and conditioning and performance-based training while placing a focus on teaching our clients sustainable habits for long term health and success.

Body Transformation 9 Weeks ( Back View)Body Transformation 9 Weeks - Front View



Bespoke, personalized training program based around your own unique goals; whether it be body composition, performance-based or simply to improve your overall health and well-being.



In all of our personal fitness training programs,  we place a large focus on learning proper technique to push you safely.  In addition your trainer will work with your individual dietary needs to build a nutrition plan that works with your goals, and fits in with your lifestyle.  Your dedicated trainer will provide you with expert lifestyle advice to optimise your progress, along with ongoing lean body mass and body fat testing. Hybrid also offers DNA and food intolerance testing which your trainer will help you navigate and interpret. We take pride in facilitating a holistic mindset towards health and fitness so that you can achieve your goals in an optimal way that is sustainable.

The Hybrid personal training team has a vast breadth and depth of knowledge and experience they can use to help you accelerate your health and fitness in ways you never thought possible.



Dedicated Personal Training

Your dedicated personal trainer is available 24/7 for any queries or qualms you may have. Your Hybrid trainer is there for you every step of the way, even if it means deciding which option is best during your work lunches or a training plan for you to maintain in periods of travel. Your experience and achieving your goals is what matters most!

DNA & Food Intolerance Planning 

Create a lifestyle around your nutrient, metabolism and cardiovascular health requirements. Let us help you identify your individual genetic make up, toxicity and tolerance levels for optimum health and fast track you towards your goals.

Tailored Nutrition Planning

Based around your lifestyle habits, intolerances and tastes, you will receive a daily meal plan based on your specific goals,  broken down into calories and macronutrients (protein, carbohydrate and fat content).

A Progressive and Intensive Training Plan

A personalised program based on how your body works and what your individual health and fitness goals are.

Supplement Protocols

Individualised advice on certain vitamins, minerals that may be beneficial to your lifestyle and in helping you achieve your goals.



Your journey starts here. Take the first step and get in touch today!

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