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Hybrid Personal Training


“I’ve had my best gym experience at Hybrid and my personal trainer is wonderful – she would go beyond my expectations in helping me to achieve my goal and make the whole process a lot more motivating than it should have been. I would strongly recommend to anyone who wants to transform, be it physical makeover or changing lifestyle, you can make it happen there.” – Laura, Hybrid Client

Our team of personal training professionals and highly qualified trainers are here to ensure you achieve your individual health and fitness goals – all you have to do is take the first step! At our state-of-the-art gym located in Central, Hong Kong, we strive to create a fun, friendly and supportive gym environment where you can truly thrive. We take our personal fitness training service further because we believe success doesn’t exist in just the short term – it’s about helping you learn how to change your lifestyle for long term health and wellness.


“I’ve been to a lot of different gyms all over the world, and Hybrid definitely stands out as a special one. The community there and professionalism displayed by all the trainers and staff is top notch.” – John, Hybrid Client




Hybrid’s Personal Training programs use a systematic, holistic approach to ensure you achieve your unique health goals, while providing you with the tools and knowledge to sustain them long term.

Body Transformation 9 Weeks ( Back View)Body Transformation 9 Weeks - Front View



Bespoke, personalized training program based around your own unique goals; whether it be body composition, performance-based or simply to improve your overall health and well-being.



Our professional strength and conditioning experts, transformation specialists, and health coaches work closely with you to develop a comprehensive, personalised plan to ensure you increase strength, burn fat, build muscle, to help you feel and move better. In every private session, your dedicated personal trainer will bring an element of fun while keeping it challenging and provide you with constant feedback and support outside of your sessions to give you the full Hybrid experience.  Included in every one of our 12-Week Personal Training packages, we combine cutting-edge technology, quality service in our stylish and premium facility:




Being able to move with balance and stability is extremely important for your long and short term health. This lays a solid foundation to prevent injuries, building muscle and strength while fixing muscular imbalances which can be built upon. Our team of professionals will provide a comprehensive assessment of your joint ranges of motion, your dynamic and global movements, and any imbalances you may have to optimise your health.




In the lifestyle assessment, our professionals will help you be proactive and informed when it comes to your health. Our team will analyse your nutrition, physical activity, stress levels, and other lifestyle factors that impact your health and wellbeing to create a comprehensive action plan that is sustainable long term.



A comprehensive personalised nutrition plan taking into account your preferences, allergies, intolerances, and lifestyle. Your bespoke food plan is broken down into macronutrients based on your health requirements, body composition, and goals. Gaining an understanding of nutrition, portion control, and the importance of eating a wide variety of quality foods is crucial in leading a long, healthy life and changing how your body looks and feels from the inside-out.





Our team will identify and measure where your body stores excess fat and then relate it to a hormonal balance or imbalance. Certain fat storage sites around the body are directly related to specific hormones which may indicate a hormone issue, high-stress, lack of sleep, or other lifestyle factors. Simultaneously, your Hybrid personal trainer will measure lean body mass using calipers to determine muscle mass to body fat ratio.




Training should be challenging, consistent, smart, and fun while taking into account your individual needs. Your unique body mechanics, experience, fitness level and preferences will guide your Hybrid personal trainer in developing a plan specific to your needs. Your dedicated personal trainer will design a progressive and intensive 12-week training program involving sessions 3 times per week based on your physical performance evaluation, and fitness goals. 






Supplements are to humans what fertilizer is to plants; a plant will survive with adequate amounts of sunlight and water, but if you add nutrient-rich organic will thrive! The same principle applies for humans and supplements. Based on your lifestyle habits, needs and assessment results, our coaches will create a personalised supplement protocol to help your body work at its optimum level from the inside out. 




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