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Unleash the fighter within

Accelerate your training and proficiency of mixed martial arts through 12 weeks of Hybrid’s all-inclusive FIGHT CAMP.

Propel yourself into the dynamic world of MMA and let us show you first hand what it means to be a warrior. Our team of seasoned professionals will ground your mind, challenge your body, and unveil what champions are made of.

What’s Included:
One-on-one skills training and fight specific conditioning
Bespoke nutrition planning,
Video skills-analysis
Ongoing LBM and Bodyfat measurements

Two pathways:

Striking Fight Camp
Muay Thai/ Western Boxing
Free Style Striking

MMA Fight Camp


Our personal training plan uses a systematic, science-based approach to create a customised plan to ensure you achieve your unique goals.

Included in every one of our personal training packages, we combine cutting-edge technology with quality service in our stylish and exclusive facility.

– [ ] DNA and Food Sensitivity testing: identifying your individual genetic make up and tolerance levels to nutrients such as fats, carbs, alcohol, caffeine, dairy, wheat etc. Also identifying your body`s preferred training systems and tolerances to workout intensity, volume and frequency.
– [ ] Nutrition & Supplementation: a comprehensive macronutrient breakdown based on your food sensitivities, tolerance levels and hormonal analysis alongside supplementation protocols.
– [ ] Training 3x per week: An intensive and progressive training plan based on your body’s preferred training systems.
– [ ] Ongoing lean body mass and body fat measurement analysis alongside hormonal analysis.
– [ ] Wellness guidance and management: how to incorporate your training regime into your lifestyle to ensure long term success

We have 3 12 week programmes you can choose from

Hybrid Health – Stressed? Overweight? Overwhelmed?
The comprehensive Hybrid Health program will completely overhaul your general health. From managing your weight via sensible food choices to monitoring blood pressure and stress levels, your dedicated trainer will be working with you to achieve your health and wellness goals.

Hybrid Transform – Ready to take your body to the next level?
The intensive Hybrid Transform program has been exclusively designed to achieve the beach body and chiselled figure you always wished you had.

Hybrid Perform – A focused, bespoke plan created for athletes in their chosen discipline. Involving comprehensive DNA testing, hormonal profiling, body fat measurements, and combined with a personalised training plan, Hybrid Perform will ensure you are at your prime for your competition.


Our all access MMA package is the ultimate package for all you MMA enthusiasts wether your an absolute beginner or a pro fighter we have a complete and varied timetable. All classes are taught by our expert professional coaches our list of classes includes MMA, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Submission Wrestling, Western Boxing, Judo and MMA Striking

See our schedule for class times


This package is for all you strikers out there, we have classes of all ranges from beginner to professional fighter, From traditional Muay Thai (the art of 8 limbs) to Western boxing to Striking for MMA, All our classes will sharpen up your effectiveness to deliver strikes, with a big emphasis on technique and conditioning.

See our schedule for more details.


This package focuses on ground fighting, namely Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, we have classes in GI and NoGi we cater to all levels from absolute beginner to competitive grapplers, Each class is taught by our professional black belt coaches.

See our schedule for more details.


Our exclusive Group Fitness Package allows you to attend any of our fitness classes, our aim is to deliver hi energy and hi calorie burning classes with an emphasis on correct exercise technique, hard work and fun, our classes are guaranteed to leave you sweaty and feeling a sense of accomplishment, you will also get nutritional guidelines to help you achieve your goals, we have a variety of classes to choose from including, Hybrid Cardio Threshold, Hybrid Bikini Body, Hybrid Transform and Hybrid Athlete

See our schedule for more details