Maximising your Hybrid training week - Hybrid
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Maximising your Hybrid training week

If you were an Olympic 100m runner, would it be wise to prescribe 100m distances in training and nothing else? No, of course not. The same applies within the gym environment.

In order to become stronger, fitter, leaner, you have to expose yourself to a variety of stimuli and stressors in order to functionally overreach and give your body the means to adapt and improve. With five group sessions to choose from, you can be confident that your training week will have a modality and style of training that aligns with your own individual performance and/or aesthetic goals.

If your goal is to add lean muscle mass to your frame and shed unwanted body fat, perhaps Strength & Cardio – a session dedicated to an intense environment utilising the entire gym – is perfect for you. Alternatively, if you prefer to train more- specific, multi-planar and/or isolated movements, come along to our Strength & Power session where you will see a dedicated focus on the systems most appropriate for inducing incremental gains in strength, size and explosive power.

Cardio Threshold will be the hour of the week where the most energy and enthusiasm comes to the fore. Push yourself through an intense session that will act as a potent fat loss stimulus as well as develop the necessary fitness qualities underpinning your aerobic and anaerobic threshold. Bikini Body is our female-only class that will bring together a group of like minded members who want to train in such a way that will accelerate their aesthetic goals and do so under the guidance of Karen, a current HK Bikini Competitor.

And finally, we are very excited to be able to offer you the ability to work with one of our coaches to design a bespoke programme, as part of an elite Hybrid Athlete group that has one sole focus – prepare and implement a plan for any goal you want to achieve Have you a performance goal in mind? The Spartan Race, a marathon, perhaps a fixture? Fuse together all the necessary tools underpinning elite Strength & Conditioning and become a true Hybrid Athlete.

Speak to one our coaches on-site or give us a call to book onto any of the sessions above and take the first step in ensuring your 2019 is as successful as it can be. View our full schedule of classes here. To enquire, please contact +852 3468 7702, WhatsApp +852 5240 9918 or email
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