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What is the Best Martial Art for Self Defence?


Although Hong Kong is still regarded as one of the safest cities around the world, being able to defend yourself in any given situation is still an extremely valuable skill to acquire.  Whether you are a man, woman, young, or old – it is part of our natural instinct to have the ability to keep ourselves safe.

If there was one form of martial art you could learn to defend yourself against someone physically bigger, or stronger than you – Brazilian JiuJitsu should be on the top of your list to learn.


1. BJJ was developed so that a small person could subdue a bigger person


BJJ is based around the art of using LEVERAGE for self-defence and disabling opponents regardless of their strength and size. From learning how to submit a larger or heavier opponent with chokes, joint locks and more over a series of movements, it is frequently described as a game of “physical chess” because it is so strategic.


2.  BJJ teaches problem solving skills, and how to stay calm in high-stress situations

When you are trying to defend yourself, keeping a cool head and not panicking is essential. The best way to practice this is by getting comfortable with being uncomfortable – get out of your comfort zone! In BJJ you are in close proximity with your opponent and are on the one hand defending yourself, and simultaneously trying to choke them. You must be persistent, calm, and able to problem-solve under these conditions and focus on the moment at hand.


3. BJJ build confidence, and requires practice against different types of opponents


BJJ is all about technique, and regular practice as you need to be able to perform the same choke, or lock on different types of opponents. Once you master a technique and can submit a number of different sized/shaped people, your confidence grows. If you’re walking down a lonely street and find yourself in an uncomfortable situation with a stranger, that extra bit of confidence in your step (and a smooth takedown) can go a long way.


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Article by: Paolo Esguerra, Hybrid MMA & Fitness

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