Maria’s Transformation Diary Week 4 – ‘Lean, strong, momma machine!" - Hybrid
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Hybrid Transformation Maria HK

Maria’s Transformation Diary Week 4 – ‘Lean, strong, momma machine!”


Hybrid’s General Manager, Maria is on a mission to get into the best shape of her life and FEELING better than ever in just 5 weeks. She’s on Week 4 of this challenge she’s set for herself, with a photoshoot scheduled! Not read her other posts yet? Read how Week 1, Week 2, and Week 3 went!


Week 4: There she is! The lean and strong momma machine! 


I am feeling AMAZING in my own skin!


Don’t get me wrong, I loved myself at the start of this process when I weighed 66 kgs, BUT I feel more in control of my own body, and so much more confident about myself. In 4 weeks, I am 4kgs down and it feels so good.


So far, this has been an eye opener, and an education process for me on so many levels. I’ve learned that I can COMMIT, and that if I put my mind to something, I can PUSH MYSELF.


I am in the driver’s seat with how I look, and how I feel… and it’s EMPOWERING.




As the photoshoot is quickly coming around the corner, and having spoken to Hybrid’s Personal Training team, it’s been decided that I need to put aside using a meal delivery service and get cooking! This is because I need to know exactly what’s going into my food, and calculating my calories to the tee.

Although having my meals prepared for me was super convenient, in order for me to lose those last few kilos and be sure my calorie count is correct, it was vital to move one to tracking my macronutrients (i.e. my protein, fats, and carbohydrates), and start preparing my own meals to be sure every calorie was accounted for.

As far as cooking goes, I am keeping it fairly simple (as this means calculating macronutrients for fewer ingredients)! This included plenty green vegetables, lean chicken breasts, some salmon which is high in protein as well as good fats. My typical breakfast would normally be some simple egg whites and I would snack on some almonds.

Understanding the last two weeks meant the big push, so just a little salt on my meals and sticking to the calorie to exact numbers was key. The reason why I added very minimal salt was to reduce any water retention. It actually ended being a positive change for me as I learned the approximate number of calories, and grams of macronutrients. This will help me to keep my new body around long term!

Sometimes, a gentle nudge and a support team is all it takes to get out of your comfort zone and achieve what you thought was impossible


Yes, I am a busy full time working mom with a house full of kids and dogs! Yes I could give every excuse to not follow the diet, or to say “I’m too tired” and skip training. But then, I wouldn’t feel the way I am currently feeling. I wouldn’t be able to set a good example for my kids about health and wellness.   Sometimes it’s just about having the right people around you so you can succeed.

There’s one more week to go, and this lady is ready to crush it!



Written by: Maria Brusuelas

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