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Maria’s 5 Week Transformation REVEALED!


Hybrid’s General Manager, Maria gave herself 5 weeks to get into the best shape of her life.  As the mother of 3 boys with a full time job running Hybrid, she’s had her share of challenges, but with the support of the Hybrid team – she’s done it! From 66kgs down to 60.5kgs and 24.9% body fat down to 19.8%, Maria is BACK IN CONTROL!

Read how Week 1, Week 2Week 3Week 4, Week 5 went!


What motivated you to start this transformation process? 


I was UNCOMFORTABLE with how I looked, and how I felt. It bothered me that I was carrying around a few extra inches, and kilos and just felt lost in how to lose the weight with my busy work and family schedule so gave up really and just accepted my weight as it was, even though I wasn’t happy.

I have been on and off with my nutrition and have previously been in competitions for fitness so I was aware of nutrition and training and how it important it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But I havent been motivated in a while to get back on track. I am blessed to be in a situation where I have the best personal trainers in Hong Kong on my team, so took this time to and switched roles and became a client. This ended up being an amazing experience for me.

How did your previous lifestyle habits making you feel? 


Feeling bloated and sluggish was ‘normal’!  I was completely addicted to sugar and my cravings were out of control. I didn’t consider portions and didn’t take into consideration what I was eating, as I assumed if I worked out hard enough, it was manageable. How wrong I was. This process has shown me very clearly that I can’t ‘train off’ unhealthy food, or simply add in some cardio tomorrow if I have cheesecake tonight.




How did feeling bloated and sluggish affect your confidence and personality? 


They say you are what you eat…and I felt like a walking gummy bear because I was eating that much sugar every single day!  Of course, this had a horrible effect on my physique which impacted my self image and self-esteem. Sugar was what I would lean on when I was stressed, which is a form of ’emotional eating’ which I hadn’t even realised I was doing. This became a downward spiral of feeling stressed -> eating sugar -> feeling bloated and sluggish -> poor physique…and consequently not liking what I was seeing in the mirror each morning. After one week of proper training, nutrition, and some tweaks to my lifestyle, I was already lighter and less bloated!

What made your personal training experience at Hybrid different?


I haven’t had very good experiences with personal training before, so had thought it just didn’t work for me. I felt I already knew how to work out on my own, especially with my background as a bikini competitor, powerlifter, and martial arts enthusiast…but man was I wrong! It was evident after my very first personal training session here at Hybrid that I did not fully understand how to train or eat optimally for myself and my goal. I needed that guidance and expertise from the personal training team in order to get the results I wanted in the 5 week time frame.

Compared to Day 1, how do you feel physically and mentally now?


I feel great. I feel alert. I feel so much BETTER than I have in a long time. I’m a better mom, wife, manager because I’ve taken this time to take care of myself.

What impact has weight training and fitness had on you? 


I spent my early 30s doing mainly cardio-based workouts, and only started weight training about 5 years ago when I realised how effective, and fun it was. At Hybrid, my love for strength and conditioning has really blossomed as I have all options available to me at our gym. I’m someone that loves variety, so being able to jump into a martial arts class or a HIIT class to get my sweat on is amazing. This is what is special about Hybrid – there are a multitude of options to choose from when it comes to getting fit and healthy. This helped me stay motivated by having fun with other clients, and let my competitive side out.

I also have 3 sons at home who I want to be a healthy role model for.  My husband also does personal training at Hybrid, and is actively involved with our mixed martial arts classes. It’s important to us that our children are raised in a home where taking care of your own health is a priority. The lessons and skills that children learn through regular training – interpersonal skills, self-discipline, dedication, hard work – are priceless.




What physical results did you achieve?


I had a goal to lose 6kgs in a really short space of time and in all honesty, I doubted myself every day throughout the process. But by focusing on small goals throughout the process, like hitting my calorie target JUST FOR TODAY and not stressing out about tomorrow, or the day after that, helped me tremendously. Overall, I went from 66kgs down to 60.5kgs, and from 24.9% body fat down to 19.8% body fat. I am especially proud of my back and upper body. Seeing these areas of my body become more and more defined as the weeks wore on became a huge motivator for me.

What are the most powerful lessons you have learned about training and nutrition?


If you want results you truly need to track what you eat and you have to stick to a consistent workout routine. If you get too comfortable you will never change- life is short to not achieve something you thought you could never do.

How would you compare yourself from the start of your transformation to today?


I am back in control. Having just returned from an amazing holiday in Bali with my family, I used the time there to not only eat great food but to also workout and enjoy being with my family. I was not plagued by thoughts around my self-image or how I would look sitting in a bikini by the pool – I was FREE to just enjoy being in the moment with my husband and my kids. I also know that I’ve got Hybrid waiting for me back at home to get me back into my new lifestyle involving training and real, healthy food.


What was your relationship like with the training team throughout this process?


I had the entire Hybrid team rooting for me, and they were all fantastic. My personal trainer held me accountable throughout the whole process, and when I was struggling I knew all I needed to do was reach out and ask for help. I knew that my personal trainer was always available to answer my questions, hear about my good days and bad days, and be patient with me when I slipped up on my nutrition.  With my trainer there was NEVER any judgment, and no negativity. It wasn’t pushed on me and I felt I was being understood as with my lifestyle of work and a big family.

What would you say to women who are scared of starting a ‘transformation’?


It can be overwhelming if you are in a situation with other obstacles in your life, but there will always be ‘something’ in the way until you make yourself a priority. I firmly believe that women, especially moms, are our own worst enemies because we take care of everyone around us and forget about ourselves. I cannot stress the importance of making time to take care of yourself physically, and mentally (and even I need a reminder!)

The other important piece of advice I can offer is to never compare yourself to anyone else but you. We all have our own challenges, our own bumps in the road, and our own journeys. Yes, I had great results but YOU CAN TOO. Everyone is capable of reaching their goals, and at Hybrid I know that you will will not only reach your goals, but surpass them!


“Anything is possible with the right approach, attitude and support.”


Written by Maria Brusuelas


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