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Maria’s Transformation blog 2

Maria Week Two – 1kg down and changing!

Hybrid’s General Manager, Maria is on a mission to get into the best shape of her life and FEELING better than ever in just 5 weeks. She’s on Week 2 of this challenge she’s set herself with a photoshoot booked in the diary!  Read Week 1 of her Blog here.

Yes! My face is clearing up, my belly is no longer bloated and my clothes are starting to loosen up!  


Taking away food, and cutting calories is arguably the toughest part of the process, but this is no longer an issue as my appetite has normalised and I’ve become more mindful of my eating. I’m not going to lie and say I don’t get hungry, as it’s quite a difference to what I normally eat when I’m not tracking anything! That being said, I am genuinely excited to see how my body looks and feels each new day. It’s amazing how my body continually reacts, fat starts to drop off, and how FAST muscle definition starts to show.

Maria’s Transformation blog 2

Preparing meals, and my supportive Hybrid team


Together with my Hybrid coach, we sat down and worked out a specific plan outlining the exact caloric intake and macronutrients I need for both my regular meals, and the small snacks in between them. Due to my work and family commitments, I decided it was best to invest in a meal delivery service for the rest of this cut. I highly recommend Nutrition Kitchen which has saved me so much time and stress! It’s helped me control the exact calories and nutrients that I need for my body and my goals. It’s also given me no excuse to under-eat, overeat, or having to rely on guess-work.

Having the support of my Hybrid team has allowed for me to successfully stay on track for this challenge so far, and has quite honestly been a life saviour. The Hybrid team always make themselves available 24/7 (as they are for all our valued clients), and it has proven to be key for me to lean on them the I need help, guidance, or when I simply just can’t help but want to eat more than my scheduled intake.


Small lifestyle changes, mindfulness, and serenity


I find myself making (good) excuses to get out, move around, and get my steps and required cardio in.  The amazing weather we’ve been having of late has me wanting to get outside the house and be more active. Knowing that I have a specified amount of calories to burn has also motivated me to change up my everyday routines. If you stop and think about it, small adjustments can really help to make the bigger changes. Instead of taking the bus every morning, I now walk down to the ferry piers. I now plan to keep in my daily routine as I can see the benefits not only through the weight loss, but also the serenity it has brought to my mornings. Walking at a leasurely pace and taking in the stunning view has helped me to be in my own thoughts more often, and has proved to be extremely refreshing.


My mood is calm, my body feels light and best of all I’m another kilogram down!

There’s still a long journey ahead, but I’m on my way!


Article by Maria Brusuelas

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