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Maria’s Transformation blog 3

Maria’s Transformation Diary Week 3 – ‘I Just Want Cheesecake’



Hybrid’s General Manager, Maria is on a mission to get into the best shape of her life and FEELING better than ever in just 5 weeks. She’s on Week 3 of this challenge she’s set for herself, with a photoshoot scheduled! Not read her other posts yet? Read how Week 1 and Week 2 went!


Week 3, and it’s all going wrong! I’m not sure I can do this.


The week started with the dreaded female cycle starting early.  This, coupled with some personal and professional stress having me feeling defeated.  I’m really not sure if I can do this. Have I set myself too big a challenge to handle right now? I am so hungry and feel very tired this week. I am like a walking Zombie- what is happening?  I just want to eat a big fat piece of cheesecake and say ‘screw it.’ I am freaking out and am not sure I can achieve this goal after all.



Maria’s Transformation blog 3

Dealing with cravings and setbacks is part of the learning process. 

I’ll be honest, I gave into my cravings and ended up overeating on Sunday…I feel like all of my hard work so far has been ruined. But I’m not willing to throw in the towel. I really didn’t want to, but the next day I forced myself to step on the scale and see what damage had been done.

It was horrifying! But I know I needed to be honest with my trainer about what was going on with me physically and mentally. Thank goodness I did. 

As hard and frustrating as it can be, being held accountable for your actions is often the best thing to help you get through it. After a long discussion with Josh (Hybrid’s Head of Personal Training), I mentally got back on track and am now prepared to keep going with a better mindset.

Here are some tips we discussed to avoid over-eating and beating those cravings:

  • Hydrate! Tea helps to suppress the appetite, and always drink plenty of water.
  • Keep healthy snacks readily available in portion-controlled containers, so that you’re less likely to grab the cookies being passed around at tea-time.
  • Get outside for some sunshine and go for a walk! Think about the hard work that you’ve already put in, and the satisfaction you’ll get once you achieve it.
  • Talk to people who will lift you up. A close friend or family member when you’re feeling demotivated
  • Plan your success – tick the boxes and track your progress. When you’re feeling down, look back at how far you’ve come.
  • Hold yourself accountable – whether it is to a friend, your personal trainer, or even writing down your progress in a diary.

Don’t beat yourself up for ‘messing up.’ As soon as you can, jump back on the bandwagon. Everything is a learning process.


I have 3 more weeks to build myself a leaner and more toned body.


As my trainer says, ‘You are a 41 year old woman with 3 kids and can lift heavy’ 

To myself, ‘Yes, you are right, I CAN DO ANYTHING! So suck it up!’

Time to focus on Week 4 and planning my weight training, cardio and food, so I don’t lose track. Time is ticking and I am desperate to see my abs! 🙂


Article by: Maria Brusuelas

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