Macronutrient Functions - Hybrid
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Macronutrient Functions


Do you know your Macronutrients?

Macronutrients provide important nutrients for daily function and survival and getting the right balance the three is crucial for maintaining muscle and staying healthy. They are the building blocks of our body, keeps our hormones balanced and fuel our brain and body functions!

Protein: It is a super important macronutrient for our immune system and detoxification. They are made of amino acids and are seen as the building blocks of our body. Most people understand that protein is essential for muscle growth and recovery, but the first function of protein is actually for immunity and detoxification. 

Fats: Essential Fatty Acids is required for hormonal health – cholesterol is what creates hormones, and it is derived from fatty acids. When we eat healthy fats, we get healthy cholesterol which then creates the enzymes for healthy hormones. If we do not eat enough good fat, our hormonal health is put at risk. We also have cells throughout our body which have a membrane known as Phospholipid membrane – think of this as an engine that requires oil to function. Just like any other engine, our cells require an oil change every 30 days and we can only get that from fats.

Poor quality fats + poor quality oil.

Good quality fats = good quality oil.

The more good quality items you have in your body, the better you will function. Fat is also another source of energy. 

Carbohydrates: This is your fuel – your brain food and you need them! It is usually the main source of energy in our bodies in today’s general lifestyle. Carbohydrates are stored in our muscles (known as muscle glycogen) which are stored energy and are used when we need it i.e. when we work out. 

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