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Hybrid Transformation – Thomas

As a full time pilot with regular long haul travel and a family of 5, Thomas struggled to find the time to stay healthy or pursue his passion for Martial Arts. At the age of 47, Thomas reached out to Hybrid Personal Training for a bespoke plan incorporating both weight training and Muay Thai. 16 weeks later, he has lost 6kgs, 6% body fat, and feels more than ever that he can achieve ANYTHING.


“My 11 year old son told me, ‘when I’m older, I want to be fit and healthy like you and show MY kids I’m strong.”

Read about Thomas’ 16 Week Journey:



Thomas with his son who is also a part of Hybrid Martial Arts

What initially inspired you to get started with Personal Training at Hybrid?

I’ve always been a practitioner of sports and the active lifestyle, wether it be weights or martial arts, I was always involved in some form of physical activity. However, as of late I had found myself a little stretched for time and needed to find a solution that allowed me to fulfil my working schedule whilst get the physical excursion I wanted. I had never taken up personal training before, but with my schedule as a pilot, it was evident I needed to be able to work with someone who could match my schedule and understand that my goal was for a lifestyle change not a quick easy fix that wouldn’t be sustainable.






How did your coach help you during the process?

My personal trainer gave me constant support and held me accountable for my nutrition – especially when I was travelling. Although the diet was a struggle when travelling at first, I was able to get into better habits soon after I started working with Nadir. The weekly pictures also helped me to stay motivated. At times I didn’t necessarily feel I had made any progress, but when reviewing my pictures I could SEE the hard work was paying off! I am also active in Martial Arts, and Hybrid paired me with a trainer who was an expert fighter and perfectly suited for me and my goals. My personal trainer, Nadir, was able to incorporate both weights and Muay Thai into our sessions which inspired me and gave me that jolt I needed to keep going.



47yr old Thomas with his family who continue to motivate him to be a fit and healthy father and partner.


What was surprising to you now that you’ve completed your program? 

I am surprised at how much I learned, and how easy it was to maintain my physique! I now plan my workouts ahead of time, and use martial arts as my cardio to help keep my body fat down.




What’s the plan going forward with your coach? 

I have transitioned over to being a full time Martial Arts member at Hybrid. This allows for me to keep my weight down doing something I enjoy. However, I know Nadir will always help me with advice or support as he does all his clients. Hybrid truly has a great team behind them and I can vouch that even with a busy flying schedule, your goals can be met with the support of one of their personal trainers.



Thomas (right) pictured with his son after a Martial Arts session at Hybrid.


Are you ready to upgrade your health and fitness? Get in touch now to start your own transformation: info@hybridmmafit.com

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