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Postpartum Maria's Hybrid Transformation

Maria’s Postpartum Transformation: 14kgs down in 18 Weeks!

Two Babies Later, Maria is 14kgs down, healthier, stronger and more confident than ever!


After having had two back to back pregnancies, Maria* was ready to do something healthy for herself. Wanting to get back on track to feeling healthy and strong postpartum, Maria signed up for personal training at Hybrid. Over the space of just 18 weeks of bespoke training, a tailored nutrition plan suited to her needs along with a few lifestyle changes, Maria lost a staggering 14.1 kg and is feeling healthy, stronger and more confident than ever!

Interested in how we helped Maria get her pre-baby body back? Keep reading to find out more…


What initially inspired you to get started with Personal Training at Hybrid?

I had recently given birth to my baby and gained a lot of weight, I heard about Hybrid from a friend and I thought it was worth checking out. After hearing about the Transform Programme, I signed up for 12 weeks (36 session) on the spot that day.


“I realised that this was the only way I could get my desired results, to have a professional trainer guiding me with my diet and workout.”


What were some of the struggles you found during the process?

There were definitely plenty of struggles during my first four weeks. These being; lack of sleep, my hormones were all over the place, feeling down, feeling weak physically and mentally after having a baby.



How did your coach help you during the process?

My trainer is incredible, she helped me so much during the 14 weeks. For example: changing and tweaking my diet weekly, encouraging me to sleep more and be more active, encouraging me to drink more water and checking in on me 24/7.


“Her attention to details was amazing, it really helped me to get closer to reaching my goals every day. (My trainer) is always so patient, and I could tell that she really wanted the best for me.”


What was surprising to you now that you’ve completed your program?

Hard work does actually pay off. Following my diet plan, working out three times weeks and staying focused all genuinely helped me to achieve my results.

What’s the plan going forward with your coach?

For now my goal is to maintain my weight and start enjoying more flexibility with diet and training. My 14 week journey has been incredible and I’ve seen amazing results. More importantly I feel happy, confident and much stronger than before.



Who would you recommend Hybrid to?

This is for anyone who wants to make a serious change. This could be anything ranging from weight loss, to gaining muscle or becoming strong. Anyone can join, it really doesn’t matter about your age or your fitness level. It’s all about your journey and your goals.


“This is the best gym in Hong Kong, check out and see for yourself!”


Hybrid stands for:

Hong Kong’s number one gym

Your journey

Being the best

Results Results Results

Incredible team

Dream big and reach for the stars

*Name has been changed to protect the clients identity

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