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Hybrid Transformation: Paul – From ‘Dad Bod to Dream Bod’


After struggling to maintain a regular exercise schedule, and watching his diet progressively worsen over the years. Paul decided it was time to seek professional help and get rid of his “Dad Bod” once and for all. With the help of Hybrid’s Personal Training team and his incredible work ethic, Paul dropped from 82.5kg at 28.6% body fat to ‘Dream Bod’ at just 73.4kgs at 15.8% body fat in only 20 weeks.


Read more about Paul’s journey at Hybrid:





What initially inspired you to get started with Personal Training at Hybrid?

I work in a career based in financial services, so as you can imagine, long hours glued to the computer are a must, fast food becomes almost a staple source of nutrition and hundreds of late night drinks get consumed. As the years have gone by, I’ve noticed a reoccurring trend of visiting my tailor every 6 months in order to get my suits re-fitted.


“It was at this point that I realised… the dad bod was real!”


I decided it was time to make a big change for the future, and joined Hybrid’s Personal Training program.


What were some of the struggles you found during the process?

I definitely found the diet and nutrition aspect to be the biggest struggle. Going from eating anything, at anytime, in any quantity, to tracking every single meal down to the last calorie, is definitely a shocker. That paired with the limited options of food (depending on which stage of the process you are in) is where I found myself struggling.





How did your coach help you during the process?

Paolo was super hands on and he provided an amazing support system consistently throughout the program. To be honest, the greatest help he provided me with, was the constant open access to talking about my struggles or queries (wether it be supplement, diet or training related).


“Having this ability to ask whatever I needed, helped to provide realtime feedback, whilst aiding me to adjust almost seamlessly into the nutrition plan that was provided.”


It took out the stress of guessing, and offered on the go accountability to ensure that I always stayed on track.


What was surprising to you now that you’ve completed your program? 

Honestly, the biggest surprise was the realisation that; It’s not about the quantity of sessions, but the quality of the work inside and outside the gym. I never in my life would have thought that 3 sessions a week, would be anywhere near enough to show significant results. It was a good reminder that:


“It is one ability not availability; and ones attitude not aptitude that determines the altitude of success.”





What’s the plan going forward with your coach? 

I feel like after the 20 weeks of long hard work, I owe it to myself to relax a little, have a good Christmas holiday diet break and rejuvenate my body a little. Come the beginning of the new decade, we plan to really push the limits and see just how far I can take it.


“I’ve already hit milestones and I’m at a weight I haven’t been for a long (and I mean LONG) time.”


I think this calls for an even bigger push to get that dream body. Long story short, 10-12% body fat and a significant increase in muscle mass is where I’m headed. 2019 was a great start, lets see how far can I take it in 2020!


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