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Hybrid Transformation – Jamie


With a job involving long hours at his office desk, alongside traveling overseas every month of the year, Jamie was finding he lacked the motivation to commit to training consistently. After realising he needed the help, guidance and support of professionals, Jamie reached out to Hybrid and now feels “better than I have felt in a long time, physically and mentally.” In just 12-weeks, Jamie managed to lose over 7Kg, and has shed an incredible 7.5% body fat…and now he has even bigger plans for how he wants to sculpt his physique with Hybrid in 2020!

How did he do it? Read more about Jamie’s Hybrid experience:




What initially inspired you to get started with Personal Training at Hybrid?

I had been training on and off for quite some time, however, I never truly committed to the level that I knew was necessary to achieve the results I desired. I had done a bit of Personal Training in the past already, so I had the experience of having someone there to really push and hold me accountable, which I found to be a massive help.


“I soon realised, to get to where I wanted to be, I required professional assistance to keep me on track.”


What were some of the struggles you found during the process?

 Meal times really proved to be a challenge, especially as I travel often for work.


“Thanks to my trainer Kasev, I was able to stay on track.”


He often shared ideas for healthy meal prep, and consistently checked in on me when I was overseas in order to ensure that I stayed fully committed to my transformation.




How did your coach help you during the process?

My trainer Kasev was able to help me massively when it came to keeping on top of my eating habits, whilst also inspiring me to complete my workouts outside of my regular training sessions.


“He checked in on me regularly throughout the program, and always made sure to ask how I was doing and feeling.”


To be honest, he really helped me stay focused, and is one of the biggest factors in my overall transformation.


What was surprising to you now that you’ve completed your program? 

Honestly, I’m surprised at how good I feel, and how conscious I have become with regards to how I treat my body.


“I feel better than I have felt in a long time, physically and mentally.”


Getting up and getting it done is certainly proving to be a lot easier after going through this transformation.




What’s the plan going forward with your coach?

The plan is to keep going! I really wanted to transform my body and I feel now I am at a good point to cement my next goal of building muscle and learning what it takes along the way to achieve this new goal.


“The transformation is done, but the journey has only just begun, 2020 here I come!”


Are you ready to upgrade your health and fitness? Get in touch now to start your own transformation: info@hybridmmafit.com

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