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Body Transformation 9 Weeks

Hybrid Transformation – Wedding Ready! Flora’s Transformation –

With her wedding looming, Flora signed up for Hybrid Personal Training to achieve the lean look she had always dreamed of for her big day! In just 9 weeks, she’s achieved the body that she never thought was possible. Interested in Flora’s thoughts on the Hybrid transform programme? Keep reading to know more!

What initially inspired you to start the Hybrid transform programme?

We were actually already at Hybrid training in the group classes, when I heard about the programme from a few of my friends who had achieved great results in a short period of time.

“As I had my wedding coming up soon, I thought why not try the personal training programme and push my self to see what sort of results I could get in the few months time I had.”


What were some of the struggles you found during the process?

For me the struggle was always the mental aspect of it; getting your mind focused on following your diet can be challenging at times. I’ve always been an active person who ate quite clean and healthy, but this was a different kind of diet completely. If you are committed and want to maximise your results, then you really do have to be strict with it and stick exactly to what your coach is telling you to eat.


How did your Hybrid coach help you during the process?

Karen was incredible! She really is a professional and knows exactly what she’s doing.

“She helped me so much from meal planning all the way to helping me work around the occasional cheat day here and there. She was so consistent with checking in on me and making sure I was feeling all right, that training was going well, and basically just being there for any questions or queries that I might have.”

What’s the plan going forward with your coach?

There’s still more improvements I’d like to work on. Moving forward I’d really like to focus more on sculpting my body the way I want to, an achieving a look that I love for myself. I’ll be continuing to do this with Karen at Hybrid, and seeing where this next step of the journey can take me!


Who would you recommend Hybrid Transform to?

I’d recommend it to anyone! The Hybrid transform programme is really just for anybody who is looking for an improvement. Whether it be aesthetic or performance based, they can help you achieve your goals and take your fitness journey to the next level!


Want to know more about what we can do to help unleash your greatness? Contact us now and book a free consult to start your personal fitness journey!

The Hybrid team is always willing to help. Just reach out for your complimentary 60-minute consultation, or get yourself booked in for a trial class free-of-charge! To get started, you can contact us via info@hybridmmafit.com, calling us on 3468 7702 or WhatsApp on +852 5240 9918.

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