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Body Transformation In 12 Weeks

Hybrid Transformation – Ben –

Introducing our latest transformation, Ben who is in his 30’s approached Hybrid 12 weeks ago to see what we could do to help get him back in shape and feeling good about his image. Curious as to how he managed to achieve his personal gains? Read the article below to see how we helped to unleash his greatness.



What initially inspired you to get started with the Hybrid transform program?

I had stopped exercising for a couple of years and was eating any/everything without moderation. I was able to hide the weight gain relatively well but in the back of my mind I always knew that I should have better control over my physical health.  The internal guilt/pressure that comes from the  “I know I should but ….…” feeling just became too much to bear, and so I decided to do something about it.




What were some of the struggles you found during the process?

There will always be people (including yourself) who will tell you to quit and that it’s not worth it or necessary. It takes a lot of dedication and persistence to be able to push through the many reasons to quit, and focus on the tough but rewarding goal at the end.

How did your coach help you during the process?

I have had other coach’s before, but Josh was by far the best.  Josh was technical, precise, and thoughtful when it came to the physical work out. He was observant and made sure I didn’t injure myself.

Josh also understands that “One size doesn’t fit all” and will change the routine / work out based on my physical and mental state at that time. He was also readily available to answer any questions I had during the whole transformation.

Mentally, I would get upset when I wasn’t losing the weight as quickly as others or if I had deviated from my nutrition plan slightly. Josh really helped me stay focused on the overall transformation journey and helped me understand that the process is different for everyone and its ok to be flexible.  




What was surprising to you now that you’ve completed your transformation? 

In addition to being physically transformed, as part of this process, I adopted an overall better life style. I understand nutrition better and so know how to eat what I want to eat in moderation. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly 10 weeks had gone by. It’s really quite a short time investment in exchange for something that has fundamentally changed my life.

What’s the plan going forward with your coach? 

This transformation helped me get rid of a body that I was ashamed of. Next I will work with Josh to build a body that I am proud of.

Who would you recommend hybrid transform to?

Goes without saying, I would recommend the hybrid transformation to anyone who’s looking for a physical change. More than that though, if you feel like you are in a rut and know deep down that you can be better – then I think this process will help you find a better version of yourself physically and mentally.  

Want to know more about what we can do to help unleash your greatness? Contact us now and book a free consult to start your personal fitness journey!

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