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Women Having Healthy Diet After Her Gym Workout

How to Set Up Your Weekly Caloric Deficit

Achieving a calorie deficit is the key to weight loss.

Although it is important to focus on your daily calorie deficit, your average calorie deficit over a long period of time is what determines your rate of progress. Focusing on your weekly calorie deficit allows for a more flexible calorie distribution throughout the week, but still enables you to maintain the same rate of weight loss.

Using a person with a total daily energy expenditure of 2000kcal, below are some examples of different approaches that achieves the same weekly calorie deficit of 3500kcal.

Example 1

By achieving a calorie deficit of 500kcal every day, the total weekly calorie deficit is 3500kcal. This tends to work best for people who like to follow a consistent daily routine.

Example 2

By consuming a calorie deficit of 700kcal from Monday to Friday, and consuming at maintenance calories on Saturday and Sunday, your weekly calorie deficit stays at 3500kcal. While some people may find this approach harder due to the lower calories during the weekdays, others may prefer to have extra calories over the weekend for social events and other engagements.

Example 3

By consuming a calorie deficit of 650kcal on rest days and a calorie deficit of 300 on training days, the total weekly calorie deficit remains the same. Some people may find that this approach improves training performance and also helps deal with increased appetite on training days.

Above are three different ways that you could set up your diet to achieve the same weekly calorie deficit. While are many other ways to do it, we do not recommend reducing a single day’s calorie allotment by too much, as this could potentially lead to hunger and non-compliance. Additionally, remember that the higher calorie days must be well-planned and tracked – it isn’t a day for you to eat as much as you want. Excessive bingeing on one or two days can completely reverse your weekly calorie deficit.

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