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Holiday Travelling & Maintenance

Here’s the big dilemma.


When undergoing a transformation, new training block for your strength building, or you’re just on a good roll with your weight loss challenge, what do you do when you’re on holiday and you’re out of the routine but need that time to wind down?


Before you set off


Let us first preface with saying that for any dramatic result, we need routine and we need consistency to track all variables. Without this, we aren’t doing everything we can to get the best out of you. We’re not going to be able to get 100% consistency when we’re on holiday, but we can certainly strive to be as close as possible to this.


10 top tips for staying ahead while on holiday:


  1. Try to get your training done first thing in the morning; before the kids are awake or any other activities are planned, get the gym done! Even if it’s just 45 minutes of circuits or bodyweight exercises, start the day by boosting your metabolism and burning calories.
  2. Drink water. This will help you feel full and give you better energy for the day, and prevent you from getting confused with feeling hungry and low energy with dehydration.
  3. Bring your supplements, not just for the health benefits but keeping supplements in your routine reminds you of the fact that you’re still on a structured diet plan.
  4. Make step count priority. Keep an eye on your watch or your phone for the step count each day. If you’re not training as much or as intensely, then make up the calories by being active throughout the day. Walk around, go for a run, take the stairs etc. but keep a track on it daily – aim for 15,000 steps minimum per day.
  5. Rest and relaxation is needed! Remember you’re on a holiday for a reason, that being to de-stress. Your cortisol levels are likely high which will hinder fat loss or muscle building results. Make sure you get enough rest and relaxation, as well as choosing activities that you enjoy to take your mind off of regular daily stress.
  6. Get some extra sun. The natural source of Vitamin-D will help with a plethora of things, including recovery, muscle building, as well as improved testosterone production and immune system.
  7. Keep a ball-park figure of your calories. You are on holiday so do allow some flexibility, but if all your meals are unaccounted for, you’re going to have a tougher time working them off after the holiday. Make sure you’re cautious during the day and leave the majority of your calories for later in the day.
  8. Take some time off of caffeine. Give your adrenal glands a break as well as your stress levels. If you were hitting more than 2 cups of coffee per day regularly, it’s ideal to take some time off the coffee and re-sensitise yourself to the effects of caffeine.
  9. If you were on a long haul flight, try to make your first priority hitting the gym or going for a run. Nothing too intense, but get the heart rate up as this has shown to dramatically reduce the side effects of travelling and jet lag.
  10. Pack protein bars, protein powder, nuts, BCAA’s, and so on. Anything that’s going to help you stay on track when you’re feeling peckish and aren’t sure where the nearest quality source of food is, certainly beats questionable local offerings.


What happens if I did overdo it?


One further thing to remember is that even if you do overindulge, don’t feel disheartened. We are all human. Just because you had done so, doesn’t mean it has to be a cycle that continues! Every day is a new day to better manage your health, body composition and lifestyle.


Still in need of some help?


The Hybrid team is always willing to help. Just reach out for your complimentary 60-minute consultation! To get started, you can contact us via or WhatsApp on +852 5240 9918.


Enjoy your holidays, and we look forward to welcoming you back!

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