Kids Martial Arts, Jiu Jitsu, Judo & Kickboxing Fitness Classes
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Our personal trainers provide clients of all fitness levels with the utmost attention both inside and outside of the gym. At Hybrid, we offer the highest level, bespoke and personalised training programs, whereby you come in with the goal, we structure the plan and together, we attain it! Regardless of it being kids martial arts, judo, kickboxing or mixed martial arts, for each and every one of our personal training clients – we offer everything from diet protocols, training programs, supplementation advice and consistent tracking. As soon as you commence your personal training program, you’ll receive a comprehensive assessment. This embodies a physical assessment performed by our in-house sports massage therapist, DNA and food sensitivity tests and an overall performance assessment – all from your personal trainer.


In a world where every minute counts, we’ve constructed specialised group classes suitable for effectively achieving any person’s individual fitness goals – and all within a remarkable 45 minutes.

Hybrid’s range of group classes include:

Hybrid Transform – our specifically tailored to building muscle quickly and efficiently.
Hybrid Cardio Threshold – our fat loss program heavily focused around HIIT and bodyweight circuits to put you in a maximum cardio and fat loss state.
Hybrid Bikini Body – our women-only training class, geared towards shaping and toning, but also adding strength through the legs, core and upper body. This class is a fast-paced and fun option for any woman looking to get fit and healthy.
Hybrid Athlete – programmed to increase your overall strength, power and endurance for increased performance in any sport.
Strongman – specially designed to get your complete body strong, solid and hitting those PR’s every week.
Strength and Power – is our class combining both Olympic lifts and power lifts together with bodybuilding exercises all in one heavy and explosive session.


Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is the fastest growing sport in the world, namely made famous through the UFC, as well as other growing martial arts organisations, and there’s no time like the present to begin! Even suitable for kids, MMA is no longer seen as a ‘blood sport’ but is now known for its true legitimate martial art principles, which intertwine to form a whole sport. These include Boxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Here at Hybrid, we have some of the highest-level coaches in Hong Kong today, whereby we offer both beginner and advanced classes for each discipline, as well as an MMA class that combines these altogether.


Whether you’re looking to learn some of the basic techniques, get fit or become a high level mixed martial artist, Hybrid offers it all. Our ‘build a fighter’ program is a one-on-one, 12-week, 3-days-a-week program, specially designed for beginners to quickly advance to a high-level martial artist. With this program, you’ll have a one-on-one personal trainer from our MMA team take you through all aspects of martial arts, whilst keeping track of all your progress in order to fast-track you straight to the top!


The Hybrid Teens’ fitness classes are fit for any child of any level, specially designed to help them perform at their best for any sport they choose, as well as build confidence in themselves and interact with other kids to help one another grow. We’ve complimented these classes with outside educational materials for parents to take away, so that they know exactly what their child should be eating and drinking by way of optimising their overall health and recovery.


Our fat loss program, Hybrid Cardio Threshold, is heavily focused around HIIT and bodyweight circuits to position you within a maximum cardio and fat loss state, while our women-only training class, Hybrid Bikini Body, is not only geared toward shaping and toning, but also adding strength to the legs, core and upper body. This class is a fast-paced and fun option for any woman looking to get active and toned.


Our whole goal behind the Hybrid concept is to educate clients to becoming the best they can be whether its in the gym, on the field, in your sport or just on top of your health. This starts with kids, from ages 4 and up we offer classes that focus on building their mental and physical strength, us- ing a combination of body weight exercises, speed and agility drills, reaction tests and games to create a fun and enjoyable way to better their health and wellness, with emphasis on team building and problem solving.


We offer kids an intro into learning the disciplines of martial arts which are derived from: respect, honour, patience and hard work. Our kids’ Martial Arts class combines these elements into a fun and active class for kids to learn self-defence both on their feet and on the ground – all overseen by our experienced kids coaches. With our full support and encouragement, we aspire to push kids to reach their absolute potential, which is greater enabled through our competitions in Hong Kong; providing exciting opportunities to achieve new belts and stripes.


No matter where you are in the world, you can still get great results with our personalised training and diet plans, specially designed for you, and coached online. We start by getting all of your information, training history and goals, and from here, your coach will then design your program, while providing constant updates to your nutrition and training progression in order to see you through to the end result – all of which, will be communicated via email, Skype or WhatsApp.

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