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Group Training in Hong Kong

Let the energy of Hybrid Group Training take your health and fitness to the next level!


Receive expert guidance from our elite coaching team as they guide you through fun and friendly group sessions – each class is specifically designed to get you closer to your health, fitness, and athletic goals. Our range of Group Training classes has something for everyone to ensure you get to your healthiest, fittest self whilst having fun.

Our Group Classes

At Hybrid we hope that within our group training department, you can find a session and coach that suits you. We offer customised workouts within a group class setting – from conventional modalities of fitness training through to elite levels of strength and conditioning, there is never a shortage of sessions and workouts for you to try. Every client that comes to train with us at these sessions has their own unique differences and training backgrounds, and it is our job to ensure the workouts give you the variation and content you need to meet your own personal goals.



We have 7 different types of workout for you to choose from with each session lasting between 45-60min. Coached within a semi-private group setting of 6-8 people, we have options throughout the day from 5:30AM through to 9:00pm to give you complete flexibility before, during or after work to get your workout in. Sessions are supervised by one of our expert Hybrid Strength and Conditioning coaches who will introduce the content of the day to you, as well as lead you through a thorough warm up and session plan with progression over the training cycle.

The goal for each client is unique and it is within these supervised group sessions, that each person can scale back or progress certain movements and tasks to fit their own abilities with the guidance of an expert Hybrid coach.


Lose fat, get fit! This circuit-style, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) class will have you pushing your cardio levels to the limit, and keep you burning calories for hours! We incorporate rowing machines, assault bikes, kettlebells, air-runners and bodyweight exercises to give you the ultimate fitness class to get you in shape, fast!


Hybrid’s renowned Bikini Body incorporates group training methods that are ideal for women; heavily focusing on legs, glutes and abs. This is a fast-paced, intense yet educational group fitness class that we offer in Central, Hong Kong for how women can get strong and lean, all while building a body to look and feel phenomenal.


Get strong and improve your fitness in just 45 minutes! We combine tempo training, and progressive overload with a strong focus on technique in order to get you strong and fit in a fast-paced class designed to stimulate muscle response and improve your overall performance.


Hybrid Elite focuses on a higher complexity of movement patterns in order to develop your ability to express force and speed under stress. Explore all the variables of strength and conditioning within a competitive environment that will demand the greatest adaptation of your strengths as well as weaknesses.


Become the ultimate athlete with our most anticipated class on the schedule! This is a class like no other… in just one hour, we combine everything a professional-level athlete uses to achieve the optimal sport performance. Develop speed, strength and various power metrics in an all-encompassing athletic development environment ensuring you become a holistic Hybrid Athlete. The programme must fit the athlete and this is why we prescribe individual programmes that produce individual results.


Quality movement always precedes quality exercise. In over to compliment your training regime, our mobility and soft tissue class will introduce you to an array of tools and techniques to ensure that you have the full capacity to move freely and comfortably. Compliment your current training regime by dedicating an hour a week on releasing, stretching, increasing range of motion and managing muscle soreness.