Facilities - Hybrid
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We provide our own, specifically tailored meals here at the gym for you to grab and go, knowing that they are Hybrid approved. These meals are on a constant menu rotation so you’re never getting bored of the same typical healthy meals you’re used to, not only that, the ingredients and macros are all specifically chosen to make sure you’re getting the best nutritional meals for you’re goals and your health. These are prefect for the busy individual that struggles with setting time aside to prepare their own meals or struggling to find alternative meals on the go.
On top of that, our health bar offers a range of healthy drinks including a range of protein shakes, coffees and recovery drinks.


No matter what the sport, whether it be running, weight lifting, martial arts etc. recovery is the main concern to progress. While the industry stresses heavily on supplements and diet to do the majority of that, physical sports messages are a key component for injury prevention and recovery for the next session.


Coming Soon


Our members have the ability to access a full history of their purchases, book classes and consultations and work with our instructors to setup a full fitness regimen from workout, to supplements and dietary plan.