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Small Steps, Big Gains


What’s one thing that everyone can do, that is a low cost, and is a great way to stay active? Walking! (also your new best friend)

Counting your steps in addition to completing the workouts we provide can be a crucial component to ensure that you stay active during this period. Counting our steps is often overlooked as a means of physical activity, yet it is something we should be doing during our daily lives, let alone during this period of abnormality and social distancing measures being implemented. 

Walking is a great, low-intensity tool that we can use to stay active. And due to the lifestyle that most of us live here in Hong Kong, most of us do not walk enough in our day to day lives. There is no better time to start than now and here are a few reasons why.

Weight management 

Walking and hiking are great ways to help manage our weight. These days, many people have sedentary jobs that require little to no movement on a daily basis. This lack of movement means we aren’t burning many calories throughout the day but for the most part we are still consuming them. Usually, when we talk about weight loss, we tend to focus more on restricting caloric intake and we often overlook calories burned. Finding a balance between the two will help maintain weight loss in the long term. By no means should we be hiking the twins on our lunch break, but we should use our time pre and post work to get out and about and start burning through some of those calories. Additionally, you’ll get to enjoy some of the beautiful scenery that Hong Kong has to offer.

Mental health 

As well as helping us burn through calories, getting our steps in can be a great time to unwind and forget the stresses of day to day life. Whether that’s along the waterfront or up the peak, just get your trainers on and get out of the hustle and bustle of the city. Why not combine walking with some nasal breathing to help you stay calm and relaxed during your excursions. There is no better feeling than watching the sun come up while the rest of the city is sleeping. 

It is easy!

Walking is low impact and accessible to all, with a modest price tag of FREE. There is no reason why we can’t start straight away. 

How are we going to do it? 

Set yourself a target. Pick a target that we can track and be held accountable for. Access to modern technology means we have access to a step tracker and GPS. Most smartphones have built-in trackers to help us record how much we move. Set a target, track it each day and focus on being consistent. 

Step Goals:

As with anything, start with a modest goal before slowly starting to push yourself harder. Once your goal has been reached, set another goal to ensure that you are constantly challenging yourself.

Let’s take the 10,000 steps as an example. To complete 10,000 steps in one session, it would take around one hour and forty minutes. To achieve it in a more manageable way, break this task up into several chunks throughout the day. Once we change our mindset and choose to walk instead of hopping in a taxi or MTR, your step count will shoot up! Something as simple as taking the stairs instead of the escalator will help you reach your daily steps goal. Before you know it, you’ll have hit your daily target. 


Put your trainers on and start walking!

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