Careers - Hybrid MMA & Fitness Hong Kong
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If you are interested in a position at Hybrid Hong Kong, or Hybrid Los Angeles, please email with your CV and cover letter.


Are you passionate about health and fitness, and committed to helping improve the lives of those around you? Are you looking to further your career and develop your skillsets alongside a team of likeminded individuals?


This is what drives us at Hybrid – every single one of our team members is motivated by the goal of helping our clients live a better, healthier and long lasting life. Join our international team of world class coaches, and fitness experts and start building upon your expertise!





Hybrid Personal Training, MMA & Fitness first opened its doors in 2018 in Hong Kong with the aim of offering a haven for anyone wanting to improve their health and fitness. Hybrid offers a premium facility with the best personal training specialists, strength coaches, group fitness experts as well as professional MMA coaches all under one roof. We are a community of health-focused individuals who believe that anything is possible with the right approach, attitude, and support. Fitness in ingrained in our lifestyle – we are recognised for inspiring our clients and employees to not just to achieve their goals but to surpass them. With Hybrid Los Angeles set to open in Autumn 2020, and the Hybrid Fitness mobile App set to launch in the next few months – anything is possible when it comes to growing your career with our team.




We are passionate about living a high performance and healthy lifestyle and we practice what we preach. Our coaches invest time in their own athletic development, and we encourage our team to compete in their chosen sports in order to lead by example and encourage our clients. We focus on the details and leave no stone unturned when it comes to helping our clients achieve their fitness goals and that starts with educating our coaches. We believe heavily in educating our team to the highest standards to ensure we offer the full Hybrid experience to our members each and every time they step foot in the gym.


We are more than just a gym; we are a community and a family where supporting each other is our number one priority. We value hard work and humility and above all the willingness to learn, grow and inspire. If you are a highly motivated individual who is passionate about the health and fitness industry and inspiring others then we are excited to discuss career opportunities with you.




Hybrid’s exclusive personal training programs use a systematic, science-based approach to create a customised plan to ensure our clients achieve their unique goals in the fastest way possible. We specialise in fat loss, muscle building, strength and conditioning and performance-based training while placing a focus on teaching our clients sustainable habits for long term health and success. If you would like to become an industry leading coach we offer on the job education with transparent career progression




  • Current Certified Personal Trainers
  • Strength and Conditioning Specialists
  • Group Fitness Coaches
  • MMA coaches
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu coaches
  • Boxing and Muay Thai coaches




Continuous Improvement

We have fostered a culture where every individual strives to improve themselves on a daily, weekly and monthly basis for long term success. The community that we cultivate is one where everyone has something to offer and learn from each other. A thirst for personal development and growth is key.


Accountability and Efficiency

Everyone is accountable for their decisions and actions. Having a culture where individuals take ownership improves the overall Hybrid team and business to keep us driving forward.


The Belief That Anything Is Possible

“One way to keep momentum going is to have constantly greater goals.” A goal without a plan is just a dream – the Hybrid team are here to make those dreams for our employees and community a reality. Anything is possible with the right approach, attitude, and support.



We want to create a community of people that are ambassadors of the business – whether they are clients or employees. Hybrid is structured in a way that values, rewards and recognises this commitment and trust.


Motivate and Inspire


Every staff member, along with every client is someone who can motivate and inspire those around them. At Hybrid, we want to nurture this attitude in our community as a core value. Hybrid thrives on its inclusivity, and we are always on the look-out for talented, like-minded people to join our world class team.