Gabe Carroll, Author at Hybrid
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Resistance Training for Beginners

We brush shoulders every day with people who go to the gym for various reasons: health, performance, aesthetic or simply just for the love of it. At Hybrid MMA, we have introduced a variety of group sessions that aim to provide you with resistance training...


Maximising your Hybrid training week

If you were an Olympic 100m runner, would it be wise to prescribe 100m distances in training and nothing else? No, of course not. The same applies within the gym environment. In order to become stronger, fitter, leaner, you have to expose yourself to a variety...


Trunk Training: Is it time to put the belt away?

The human body moves through an array of movement planes and patterns; the dominant three being frontal, sagittal and transverse. In short, these planes of movement allow us to hinge, squat, pull, push, lunge and rotate. A simple day to day activity such as walking up stairs...