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7 Effective Training Styles for an Incredible Physique [Infographic]


It’s essential to understand that happiness is a byproduct of consistent effort and hard work. And an individual must stay perpetually mindful of physical fitness because a fit body is integral to a lifetime of happiness and prosperity.

 Importance of Physical Fitness

And while maintaining physical fitness is often considered extraneous in a daily routine, it is imperative in every individual’s life. Apart from the physical benefits, a fit body also helps ensure balanced mental fitness.


  • Daily exercise enhances your mental health

A lazy routine can disrupt both your mental and physical health. While a daily exercise routine will help enhance your mental health and improve your ability to focus.


  • Makes you feel energetic 

An individual with a fit body is more energetic and improves the standard of your professional and personal life.


  • Makes you confident and determined

A fit body gives you confidence because you no longer feel insecure in certain situations or with other people. Setting goals and putting in an active effort to achieve a healthy body teaches the importance of being disciplined and determined.


  • Key to a happy, stress-free life

Less stress is easily the most significant benefit of working on your physical fitness. A fit body is a big leap toward a happy and stress-free life.


  • Makes you intellectually secure and creative 

Apart from infusing confidence, a fit body helps you to be confident as mental strength is restored. You are also bound to feel more creative.




7 Different types of fitness training and their core advantage

Optimal physical fitness is attained with the right training methods. Here are some of the most effective training methods. 

  • MMA

Mixed Martial Arts or MMA is a super-enhanced body workout that focuses on holistic physical development by simultaneously working on aerobic, strength, and metabolism. 


  • Muay Thai

Similarly, like MMA, Muay Thai is a combat technique and an effective workout method. Popularly known as “Thai Boxing,” Muay Thai is a great workout to increase your muscle strength while also making you agile and powerful.


  •  Wrestling

Wrestling workouts are ideal for achieving a bulky and robust physique. The workout plan includes several exercises such as bar deadlift and bench press.


  • BJJ workout

Also known as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, BJJ is based around a set of cardio exercises that improve body flexibility and keep your heart healthy. BJJ has these two-fold benefits making it an ideal workout choice.


  • HIIT workout

“High-intensity interval training,” HTT includes exercise followed by a period of recovery. The workout ranges from extremely to mildly intensive. HTT is an excellent workout for individuals who are restricted by a tight schedule.


  • Group Training

As the name suggests, group training sessions involve a set of about 10 to 12 people. These synchronized workout sessions are exceptionally efficient in keeping the group motivated and energized. Regular fitness assessment also helps in maintaining high spirits among the training group.


  • Personal Training

Personal training involves the guidance of a fitness professional who pays exclusive attention to your fitness routine. Personal training programs are incredibly useful for individuals who look for personalized care and attention.


How can you be a part of these fitness training programs?

Enroll in a professional fitness training program at Hybrid MMA Fitness in Hong Kong. Our fitness experts teach you the right techniques, and ensure your well-being while maximizing your potential for greatness!


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